A Secret Passage

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I remember that in the grounds of the abbey towards the Riviera Centre you could look down into a deep pit. This was said to be an underground passageway used by the monks to travel to St Michael's Chapel at Chapel Hill and on to Buckfast Abbey. It was said to have been used at the time of the Reformation when priests went to say mass in the local churches.

Written by Margaret Brinicombe

© copyright Torre Abbey Museum

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Technical Information (Metadata)
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Written by Margaret Brinicombe
Organisation Paignton Preservation Society
Contributor   Margaret Brinicombe  
Identifier ref 1129
Creator   Retallick, Leslie  
Date   1980  
Coverage   Devon. Torquay  
Source   Torre Abbey  
Subject   Torre Abbey. Construction  
Type   Panorama  
Publisher   Torre Abbey  
Rights   Torre Abbey Museum  
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