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When Napoleon first boarded the Bellerophon, he said to Captain Maitland, with his usual quickness, "Come, Captain Maitland, suppose we walk over your ship." To this the Captain replied, by saying that the decks were then washing, and that the ship was consequently not in a state to be inspected? that he had better wait an hour or so, &c. To this Bonaparte responded, "No, no, Capt. Maitland, let us go now, I have been accustomed to wet and dry and confusion, &c. &c. for upwards of twenty years, and I must see her in her present state." He did so, and inspected her with all the alacrity, minuteness, and curiosity to characteristic of him, walking several times over the ship: after this he expressed himself highly delighted with the admirable economy of a British man of war. One day, addressing an old marine, he asked him "how long he had served?" The reply was, "sixteen years."-- "Where are your marks of distinction, then?"-- "I have none." answered the marine. Bonaparte shrugged his shoulders, and retired.

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