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We insert in a preceding page the trial and condemnation of Colonel LABEDOYERE. The Times charitably supposes he was executed on Friday last. We have our doubts whether the KING will dare to execute him at all. Indeed we are yet to learn, with what justice one man is singled out from a whole nation, and condemned to death, for that in which nearly all, more or less participated. With respect to this case, the BOURBONS must see before them but a choice of difficulties. If they pardon the Colonel, a hue and cry will be raised by the old Noblesse, joined by our Ministerial Prints, against their culpable humanity. If they shoot him, they break down that mound which has hitherto saved France from the horrors of a civil war. In the contention between LOUIS and NAPOLEON, blood has hitherto been shed on the scaffold. NAPOLEON even spared the lives of most of the BOURBONS, (the KING among others,) which were clearly in his power, on his landing from Elba. That M. LABEDOYERE deserted from LOUIS, and joined BONAPARTE, there is no question; but so did DAVOUST, FOUCHE, and thousands upon thousands of others. Backed by the Allies, the KING may order his execution, but in that case a new character will be given to the contest, which may in the end be attended with the most dreadful effects both to him and his adherents.

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