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For the last few days the town has been agitated with numerous reports of the shooting of the King of FRANCE- the intercepting of the Emperors of RUSSIA and AUSTRIA -the blowing up of part of Paris, &c. &c. For these rumours there is no other foundation than their extreme probability, arising from the state of anarchy into which all France, and particularly Paris, is plunged. Bad as the situation of BONAPARTE may appear to one of his active mind- that of his rival LOUIS far exceeds it in misery and incertitude. His shadowy sovereignty depends on the presence of armies which ruin his country, and he, unhappy man, is compelled to bear the odium of their compulsory measures. He never stirs abroad but some insulting expression meets his ear.- Alike unable to protect his friends or to punish his enemies, he exhibits the degrading spectacle of an aged monarch tenaciously holding to the last, that which momentarily may be expected to be torn from his feeble grasp. We believe we cannot present our readers with a more correct picture of the present state of France than is contained in the following


"According to the letters which I have received, the South appears to be in a state of anarchy. General Gilli has besieged Montpelier, and turned the guns of the citadel against the town. The Mayor of Avignon resisted for 18 days the efforts of the partizans of Bonaparte, whilst 600 Protestants were massacred at Nismes, and upwards of 60 of their houses were pillaged and burnt. The movement began by the Bonapartists against the Royalists. The Protestants join the former, the Catholics the latter; the Protestants are at present the victims; they take refuge in the mountains of Cevennet, and are pursued by bands of Royalists, free companies without pay, organized by the orders of the Duke d'Angouleme, who makes them wear a white cockade, with a green border, the colour of his livery. He has been proclaimed in the South as Charles X. The Government of Paris has nothing to govern. The Minister at War is without an army; the Minister of Finance without money; the Minister for Foreign Affairs without Ambassadors; and the Minister of the Interior without Prefects. The agents of the Allied Armies empty all the chests, and give to all the Mayors the orders for requisitions. They have begun to cut down the forests. The inhabitants of 28 towns and villages in the Loiret have taken refuge in the forest of Orleans, abandoning their houses, devastated by the Wurtemburghers, and, above all, the Bavarians. The latter are worse than the Prussians, as they commit acts useless even to their avarice. The Emperor of Russia says already that the Allied Armies are become embarrassing to the Generals who command them, and they cannot be permitted to continue in the country.

"There are nightly disturbances in the Thuilleries under the King's windows. Lately a Royalist run through the body of a man, whom he supposed to have cried Vive l'Empereur; but he was deceived, the man who was wounded not having opened his mouth. The Duchess d'Angouleme has been insulted. It is surprising that the Allies of the King of France, who, according to the opinion of the Duke of Wellington, have 900,000 men in France, do not place 50,000 at the disposal of the King of France to do the duty of the Police.

"The secret of the whole disorganized state of things is, that the King is felt to be totally disqualified for the exertions which the state of things requires, and the Court itself is divided into two parties- the King's Government, and the pure royalists. The party for the return to the ancien regime give themselves this title. Monsieur and the Duchess of Angouleme are at their head- and the plot is, that Louis XVIII. should retire on account of his infirmities.- Monsieur also, who is become a devotee, desires also to withdraw into private life- and thus they clear the way for the Duc d'Angouleme, who has beeen actually followed and termed Charles X. in the South, where he has exercised Royal power- having displaced the King's Prefects and appointed others- received the taxes, raised contributions- armed and organized bodies of troops- and the consequences have been as I stated- the persecution of the Protestants, and the ruin of thousands. He was recalled by the King to the metropolis, and has obeyed. But the matter has come to the last extremity. If the Ministers do not triumph immediately over this attempt, they must go out in a body, and the King will retire."

Such is our intelligence from Paris! In The Courier, there is the following paragraph:-

"An important change is talked of in the French Ministry, and if we may credit private letters, it will have been produced by the Duchess of Angouleme. According to the new arrangement Talleyrand and Fouche will retire from the Administration. The Duke of Richelieu will be Prime Minister, the Duke of Feltre, Minister at War, Lally Tollendahl, Minister of the Interior, and Chateaubriand, Minister of Police."

This is the present anarchical state of France. DAVOUST still continues with the army of the Loire, which is yet in force, and is hourly augmented by the arrival of fugitives. Urged by the Allies, the KING has just issued a Royal Ordinance for the disbandment of this army. It is dated Lille, 23rd of March last, and is probably intended to have a retrospective effect as far back as the time of its publication. It does not seem to us probable that this ordinance will be obeyed, any more than others which have been issued of a similar nature. The Allied troops are spreading themselves over the country. The English are in possession of Amiens, Beauvais, and Breteuil. They will soon have Rouen, Dieppe, and Havre. Metz and Saare Louis have concluded an armistice with General LANGERON.

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