The land was then owned by Rev. J R Hogg, Lyte's son-in-law and curate, who was also the incumbent at Torwood in Torquay for some years. The church, dedicated to St. Mary, was erected between 1864-66. It was consecrated on Lady Day, 25th March 1866 as a memorial to one of Hogg's daughters Mary, who had died in 1864. The family also gave the land for the vicarage and school. There is a stained glass window in Hogg's memory on the east side of the church. After his death the estate was sold to Washington Singer who later gave the land needed for Parish Rooms which were built in 1912.

John Davis, the navigator and explorer, was probably born at Sandridge Barton, near the mansion in 1543 but little is known of his father or family. The family were most likely poor people but John, who went to sea at an early age, became well-educated and a friend of the aristocratic Gilberts.

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