Preparations for D-Day

placeholder gif[Brixham Harbour - Preparing for D Day]

I lived in Torquay throughout the war. In January 1944 American troops arrived in the town. They were billeted in our homes. After an inspection by the billleting officer four soldiers moved in to our house. They were all between 18 and 24 which seems very young now. They spoiled us children with candy, beef hash and leftover food from their manoeuvres. They stayed with us for five months. Then in June one night they were called to a meeting in the cookhouse in the local park at about 10.00pm. They then returned at 11.00pm packed their bags and had to be back at the cookhouse by midnight. At 2 am enemy bombers arrived. By this time the men had embarked for France and the D-day Landings. Each year I remember these events as if it was yesterday.

Written by Margaret Brinicombe

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