Evidence of Theatricals

placeholder gif[American women's war relief hospital - the ward in the Rotunda]

In this picture you can see that behind the beds lies a stage. This was the theatre stage built by Paris, the scene of many entertaining events. For example on his twenty first birthday in 1888 the Paris Opera performed excerpts from Faust here.

Written by John Wilson, Singer archivist.

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Technical Information (Metadata)
Technical Information (Metadata)
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Written by John Wilson, Singer archivist.
Organisation Torbay
Website http://www.torbay.gov.uk/
Identifier ref 75
Date   1914  
Format   greyscale photograph (postcard?); 85 mm x 137 mm  
Coverage   Devon. Paignton  
Source   Torbay Library Services  
Subject   Singer. Oldway. Building. Hospital. Rotunda. Ward  
Type   Image  
Publisher   Torbay Library Services  
Rights   Torbay Library Services  
Keywords rotunda beds war