Singer Family

oval framed sepia image of Isaac Merritt Singer

Isaac Merritt Singer left home at the age of 11. He worked in what is jocularly but accurately known as the Wild West in America. He was an innovator, quick to spot an idea and had a life long love of theatre. The Oldway Mansion we see today was remodelled by his son Paris after his and his mothers deaths. It was here that Paris had a relationship with one of the worlds greatest dancers, the legendary Isadora Duncan.

Isaac's wife Isabelle was the figure that the Statue of Liberty was designed and built on. Phenomenally rich Isaac was also prolific and had 22 acknowledged children. Read how an uneducated boy took everything life could throw and became extremely wealthy.

During World War 1 Oldway became an American Hospital the Rotunda a huge circular ward.

Now used by the council for civic and administrative functions.

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