Many of the words included below have more than one meaning. The explanations which are shown with them here are only those that are appropriate to their use in the preceding text.

Word Its meaning
accessibility Openness, easiness of approach or entry.
adjusted Got used to, became familiar with.
ancient Very old.
arcade A covered walkway or passage.
bewildering Confusing, puzzling.
boss An outcrop, a raised area.
brow ridges Enlarged areas over the eyes, caused by heavy bone formation in the skull.
buckled Twisted, warped, bent out of shape.
carnivore An animal that eats meat.
cautious Very careful.
chamber Large room-like opening in the rock.
chronological order Arranged according to time, in the order in which things happened or appeared.
cleavage The way in which something will break or split apart.
cleft A crack or opening made when something is partly broken.
climate General weather conditions of an area over a period of time.
commotion A noisy disturbance.
compressed Squashed under a great weight.
confined Kept within certain limits, or in a restricted area.
crevice Crack or narrow opening.
crucible Small pot used to hold things over a great heat until they melt.
crypt Secret or mysterious hidden passage.
debris Broken material left lying around.
deposited / deposition Laid down, left behind.
discarded Thrown away, cast aside.
dissolve / dissolution Absorbed by or melted into a fluid ( a gas or a liquid ).
dissimilar Different, not having the same look or appearance.
distinctive Recognisable, easily identified.
drapers shop A place which sells cloth and linen.
efficient Doing a good job, working very well.
elaborately Complicated, having many small parts.
equator An imaginary line running around the middle of the earth, between the two poles.
erosion The gradual wearing away of a hard surface by the action of weather or water.
evidence Clues, things found which help to prove something has happened.
evolve / evolution Slowly change from one form into another.
excavated / excavation Carefully uncovered something which was previously hidden.
exposed Uncovered, open for all to see.
fault / faulting A crack in a layer of rock.
filtering Passing slowly through tiny holes.
fissure Crack or opening caused by splitting.
flint Type of stone used by man to produce sparks and also to shape into tools and weapons.
formal Proper, according to certain rules.
fossil Usually the remains of a plant or animal which have been preserved for a very long time by being buried in the ground, but often used to describe any object that has been buried for a very long time.
fragment Small piece broken off something that was once much larger.
frequently Happening often, again and again.
glimmer Shine faintly, flicker, twinkle.
granite A very hard rock, made when the lava of a volcano cooled and became solid.
grazing Feeding on grass or other low plants.
grisly Ghastly, horrible, causing distress.
harpoon A spear with barbs or hooks along the edge.
hibernate Spend a long time, usually the whole winter, asleep.
hunter-gatherer Someone who gets their food by both hunting other animals, and by collecting or gathering fruits and vegetables.
ice age Time when a large part of the earth's surface was covered by ice.
inevitable Something which must happen, cannot be stopped or avoided.
inquisitive Asks a lot of questions, is very curious.
inscription Carving, usually words, cut into a hard surface like rock or wood.
intense Very strong, concentrated at one spot.
lithely-moving Graceful, supple, going along freely and easily.
lumbering Moving slowly and heavily.
lush Juicy, fresh, luxuriant.
marine To do with or found in the sea.
massive Very, very large.
memorial Object or place which helps to keep something or someone in the memory.
mesolithic Belonging to a period of time known as the middle stone age.
million One thousand thousand, 1,000,000.
modern man A term used to describe the present stage of man, also known as homo sapiens, 'thinking man'.
molten Liquid, having been melted by a great heat.
morsel Small piece.
mountain chain A series of tall mountains connected by low hills and valleys.
mud flat Open area of mud, usually uncovered when the tide goes out.
neanderthal An early type of man, named after the place in germany where his remains were first found.
neolithic Belonging to a period known as the new stone age.
numerous Large in number, many, a lot.
occasionally Only happening from time to time.
odour A recognisable smell.
outcropping Mostly buried beneath the surface, but in places breaking through and being easy to see.
paleolithic Belonging to a period known as the old stone age.
percolating Filtering, passing through very small holes in a liquid form.
plan view The picture of something looking at it from immediately above.
predator An animal that hunts or preys on others for food.
raised beach A beach formed when the sea level was much higher than it is today and is thus found in strange places like on the top of a hill or half way up a cliff face.
rapid Very fast.
reconstruct Put back together, to rebuild.
reemerge Come out once more.
remote Far away, distant.
revealed Uncovered, brought out into the open.
rugged Rough, unpolished.
ruthless Showing no mercy.
sally port A way out or outflow.
scavenger An animal that feeds on scraps and leftovers but does not hunt for itself.
sediment Material that settles to the bottom of a liquid, material deposited by water, ice or wind.
sequence Arrangement of things in an exact order.
shilling Old coin worth 1/20th pound, or 5p.
silt Mud deposited by water.
slithering Slipping, sliding uneasily.
smothered Covered over, suffocated.
squat down Sit on ones heels.
stalking Following carefully, stealthily.
strenuous Very energetic.
stunted Undersized, underdeveloped.
subsequent Following, or coming after in time.
swirling Moving with a circular motion.
teeming Swarming, in great numbers.
thriving Doing very well, flourishing.
thrust Push along.
tidal surge Forced along by the waves of the sea.
transport Carry, take from place to place.
trilobite A small prehistoric animal that lived in the sea.
tropical Belonging to the warm regions of the earth, either side of the equator.
vaguely Unclear, uncertain, indistinct.
vast Very large, huge, great.
variety Collection of many different kinds.
vestibule Entrance hall.
Victorian Connected with the period of time when queen victoria was on the throne of england, 1837 - 1901.
vivid Very bright, clear.
wary Watchful, cautious, alert.
weatherbeaten / weathered Showing signs of being left out in all weathers, rough, cracked.
weaving / woven Making separate threads into a pattern or piece of material/cloth.
wheel-turned pottery Pottery made by turning a lump of clay on a wheel, shaping it as it spins around.

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