kc11 part 4 [The Next Days Hunt]

placeholder gifkc11 part 4 [The Next Days Hunt]

The group left the caves and walked in the direction away from the rising sun.

They entered a large wood and noticed how much quieter it was beneath the trees. The branches almost touched over their heads and the sun could not find a way in.

It was dark in the wood. The wind could not get in either and that made the wood a very still and peaceful place to be. The smell of the trees around them and the damp earth beneath their feet filled the air.

The only sound that broke the quiet morning air was that of a small stream that flowed through the trees. The people made their way to the streambank and took a long drink of the cool, clear water.

The water they had found in the caves the night before had been brown and tasted earthy. The stream water was much nicer to drink.


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