Royal Visits to Babbacombe

placeholder gif[The Garden Room - The Glen, Babbacombe]

In 1846, the Royal Yacht sailed through Babbacombe Bay and Queen Victoria wrote in her journal: 'It is a beautiful spot... . Red cliffs and rocks with wooded hills like Italy, and reminding one of of a ballet or play where nymphs appear - such rocks and grottoes, with the deepest sea on which there was no ripple.'

When the Royal Yacht returned in 1852, the Queen stayed on board, whilst her consort Prince Albert, accompanied by their two sons, Prince Albert and the Prince of Wales went ashore. They visited The Glen and Prince Albert was shown around the grounds by Emma Keyse.

The Prince of Wales (who became King Edward VII in 1901) was received at The Glen in 1879 and returned to Babbacombe a year later.

Written by Mike Holgate

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