Atmosphere is Just Right in this S. Devon Museum!

placeholder gifAtmosphere is Just Right in this S. Devon Museum!

The success story of Richard and Valerie Forrester's hard work to restore and open the Atmospheric Pumping House at Starcross as a visitor attraction. [HE 18-3-1988]

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Technical Information (Metadata)
Technical Information (Metadata)
Title Value
Identifier ref 24
Contributor Williams. David (photographer)
Coverage Devon. Starcross
Creator Ware. John
Date 1988
Format photocopy of greyscale newspaper cutting; 400 mm x 210 mm
Publisher Torbay Library Services
Rights Herald Express
Source Torbay Library Services
Subject Brunel. Railways. Atmospheric. Starcross
Type image
Keywords Pumping Station Preservation Atmospheric Railway transport engineering