The Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 23 December 1848

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… at Torquay the inhabitants gave the Directors, and those who accompanied them, an enthusiastic reception. The hilltops, the fieldsides, hedges and the roads, every place which commanded a view of the arrival, were crowded with people. The engine stopped abreast of the platform; the consequence of which was that the travellers in the last two or three carriages had not a plank to land upon. Of course considerable uncertainty prevailed: indeed the only thing that was positively known was that we were being received with all the honours – the brass band, whose location was a mystery – playing the national anthem in excellent style. At length the engine moved on a little and we got out on the platform and managed to squeeze through the crush.

Everything indicated the extreme hurry with which the line had been opened. The station was unfinished and unpainted; glaziers were engaged upon the skylights, - and the draft came in through the apertures of the doors at each end of the platform with the keenness of a razor.

Written by Tim Crine

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