Isambard Kingdom Brunel

sepia portrait of Isambaard Kingdom Brunel

He designed and built just about everything, railways, bridges, boats. He purchased an estate at Watcombe to build his dream home. Sadly he died, very young, before commencing this project.

His most famous local work was the Atmospheric railway, traces of which still remain. As a director of Great Western Rail, (take a train from London to New York an early slogan) he helped revolutionised transport including buses and trams.

There are references to the work of his son, Henry who was foremost in the design of the Bay's water supply who worked with architect and engineer William Froude (IK Brunel's assistant) who developed ship hull design and test facilities at Chelston (Cross).

Because of the scientific and engineering work of the Victorian period and the eminence of his work, the reclusive and wonderfully eccentric Oliver Heaviside has been included in this theme.

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