The Mystery is Solved?

placeholder gifAgatha Christie's Disappearance A Local View

The Daily News offered a £100 reward for news of Agatha's whereabouts and were called by a member of staff at a luxury hotel in Harrogate. As the only guest in the ballroom not wearing formal evening dress, she was conspicuous as she danced alone in front of the bandstand to the popular tune 'Yes, I Have No Bananas.' Archie was informed and identifed his wife in the lounge as she calmly read a newspaper bearing her photograph. He told waiting pressmen: ' She is suffering from complete loss of memory and does not know who she is'. However, it seems that a spurned woman's memory can be selective - for Agatha had taken refuge in the hotel using an alias - the surname of her wayward husband's mistress!

Written by Mike Holgate

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