Fetch Patsy!

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Following Agatha's mysterious disappearance in 1926, bloodhounds were used to try and pick up the trail and were joined in the hunt by the missing author's pet wire-haired terrier 'Patsy'.

Written by Mike Holgate

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Technical Information (Metadata)
Technical Information (Metadata)
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Written by Mike Holgate
Organisation Torbay Library Services
Contributor   Mike Holgate  
Identifier ref 187
Creator   Williams. Michael  
Date   1997  
Format   greyscale news article; 290 mm x 178 mm; photograph  
Coverage   Devon. London. Torquay. Burgh island.  
Source   Torbay Library Services  
Subject   Christie. Working life.  
Type   Image  
Publisher   Torbay Library Services  
Rights   Western Morning News  
Keywords biography