Search of Ashfield

placeholder gif[The day that my husband told me:

Six months before her disappearance, Agatha had suffered a nervous breakdown following the death of her mother. Torquay police searched the derelict family home 'Ashfield' in Barton Road, but found no trace of the missing author.

Written by Mike Holgate

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Technical Information (Metadata)
Technical Information (Metadata)
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Written by Mike Holgate
Organisation Torbay Library Services
Contributor   Mike Holgate  
Identifier ref 143
Creator   Christie. Agatha  
Contributor   Weaver. Harry (author)  
Date   1977  
Format   greyscale news article; 395 mm x 600 mm; 3 photographs  
Coverage   England.  
Source   Torbay Library Services  
Subject   Christie. Personal. Working life  
Type   Image  
Publisher   Torbay Library Services  
Rights   Daily Mail  
Keywords Harrogate disappearance Archibald Christie autobiography