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theme icon Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie was one of the Worlds greatest, best read, best loved and admired storytellers.

theme icon Isambard Kingdom Brunel

He designed and built just about everything, railways, bridges, boats.

theme icon John (Babbacombe) Lee

Was this possibly one of the great miscarriages of justice to come to life?

Maybe, but the outcome was even more startling.

theme icon Kents Cavern

The cave itself has been much admired by countless thousands of visitors over decades even centuries.

theme icon Paignton Zoo

This isn't simply about animals as such, it also takes a look at the history of the zoo.

theme icon Singer Family

Isaac Merritt Singer left home at the age of 11.

theme icon Maritime History

Fishing, boat building, tourism; the Napoleonic wars and two world wars; Berry Head Forts, the Reverend Henry Lyte, Nelson, the Olympic Games and Around Alone, the single handed global yacht race of 2002.

theme icon Torre Abbey

As old as anywhere in the Bay the Abbey has celebrated over 800 years of existence and been in the thick of local history.

theme icon Potteries and Marble Works

Torbay used to have a rich industry in the manufacture of marble and pottery objects and art.