Java® Support is required to view panoramas and rotating 3D images

Since all modern browsers currently support Java applets, you may want to check to see if Java support has been turned off in your web browser (see below to see what your web browser reports). Please enable Java support and restart your browser to view the panoramas:

AOL: either (1) use Internet Explorer (installed as part of AOL), or (2) use AOL with 'Use compressed graphics' turned off (in My AOL / Preferences / WWW / Web Graphics).

Microsoft IE 3: View/Options/Security "Enable java programs"

Microsoft IE 4: Reinstall IE and enable Java support during setup

Microsoft IE 5/6: Go to / Product Updates and install the 'Microsoft VM'

Netscape Navigator 3: Options/Network Preferences/Languages "Enable Java"

Netscape Navigator 4/6: Edit/Preferences/Advanced "Enable Java"

Mac: Use a recent Internet Explorer with the Mac Runtime for Java installed,. Under Preferences / Web Browser / Java check "Enable Java" and select 'Apple MRJ' as the 'Java virtual machine'.

Your web browser reports the following diagnostic information: